Well, today was pretty crazy.  Woke up-- still raining.  Since Adam and Laura were hungry/thirsty, we hiked to the Steamtown Mall and found the famous food court home of the "Scranton Welcomes You" sign.  The place was essentially deserted, and we were goofing around taking pictures... I suddenly looked over and frigging Mindy Kaling was standing two feet away from me (also getting her picture taken with the sign).  I got up the courage to ask her to talk, but alas, she didn't have time for me right then.

Walking back to the main square, we hung around the autograph tent for a while, sneaking pictures of Phyllis and Bobby Ray, Melora, Angela, Ed and Mindy (again) as they signed autographs for the people lucky enough to have tickets.  I did the paparazzi thing and yelled "MELORA!" to get her attention, and it worked-- she looked right into my camera.  Good stuff!

At three, Creed and The Scrantones hit the stage and played a few tunes (including the theme song, and the song Creed sang during the deleted scenes from "Booze Cruise").  Craig Robinson got up on stage next, singing a Daryll-rific version of Radiohead's "Creep."  Unfortunately, I had to take off for the press conference at four, so missed the rest of the show.

The press conference... wow.  Me and about 30-40 other members of the press got to ask the cast anything we wanted.  I got up the gumption to ask them about the writer's strike (they all laughed when I said I was from the TWSS podcast... they thought I was joking).  Greg Daniels didn't have a specific number of how many episodes they had in the can, but they eventually said that every month of the strike would knock three episodes off the schedule.  I'll post the audio from the press conference eventually.  After the conference, I got to go around and talk to EVERY. SINGLE. CAST. MEMBER.  Only for a few seconds, but I got them to record little bumpers for the show, which you should be hearing sometime soon as well.  Definitely very cool to shake everyone's hands and introduce myself. 

At around 5:15 pm, we moved across the hall into the PUBLIC Q&A session (download the audio podcast below).  Crap, that place was packed... it was essentially a basketball arena, and it was filled to the top of the bleachers on all sides.  With my press pass, I wormed my way into the "photographer" area directly in front of the cast... essentially sitting 4-5 feet away from them during the entire show. Great, great times.

After the event, I tried to find the Lackawana College campus, as it was hosting the "cast lookalike" contest and Scrantones encore. Needless to say, I got lost, and when I finally got there, I spent 10 minutes running up and down stairs trying to find the frigging bathroom.  I walked around for a few minutes, but I just had to bail. I was wiped.

Tomorrow, I plan to hit the "Blogger's Breakfast" and then the "Writer's Block" sessions (more audio to come).

Peace out.

P.S. Adam got a hug from Melora Hardin. He's ready to die now.

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