To all of out American listeners-- a happy 4th of July to you all.  Please, try not to overdo it on the hot dogs and potato salad this year.

Just a few news tidbits that I'm sure most of you already know:

1) Amy Ryan is committed to reprise her outstanding role as Holly Flax in at least FIVE episodes next season.  Kevin and I both loved her work in the season finale, so I am very excited to see her coming back for more. 

2) According to Ricky Gervais' official blog, Steve Carell has signed on for another three year commitment to THE OFFICE with his new contract.  While his movie track record has been somewhat spotty, he definitely doesn't NEED to come back to working those fabled 12 hour days on a TV show if he didn't want to.  Hats off to Steve for sticking with the show.

3) The first new "webisode" of the Summer is set to launch on July 10th! Less than a week away.  TWSS will have full coverage of all the webisodes, so never fear (although I'm still not sure if we'll discuss them individually or wait until they're all finished...).

4) We're right back where we were in November 2007, as the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD are in the middle of their own tense negotiations with the studios.  The final contract has been proferred, but we won't know the results until July 8th.  I haven't been following this as closely as I should have, but we're literally on the edge of another major Hollywood work stoppage if a strike is called (the existing contract expired on June 30th).  Hollywood is walking on eggshells right now, as are many other cities that do a lot of location shooting (like Vancouver, for example).  Many seem to think the strike won't happen so soon after the WGA strike, but you never know.  Keep watching the news.

5) I'm looking at releasing the new TWSS Retro episode sometime in the next week (if Kevin and I can work something out).  Although we still have two episodes left from season one, I think we're going to just jump right ahead into "The Dundees."  If you'd like to leave an email comment for the show, giving your opinions on the episode, favorite parts, etc., get them to me ASAP at  If you'd like to leave an audio comment, feel free to use Kevin's hotline:

(206) 666-3728

This is technically the phone number for Kevin's Frat Pack Podcast, but never fear-- your comments will be forwarded to the right place.

6) Also, if you haven't done so, PLEASE consider pre-ordering your season four DVD sets from through our associates link (located to your right).  A small percentage of your purchase price will be kicked back to TWSS to help defray some of the costs of production.  If Amazon's price goes down in the coming months, you'll be charged the lowest price, regardless of where it is currently.  If you know you're going to order the set, please order from us.  You'll be doing TWSS a major solid, yo.

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