Holy S#!t.

So much to process here... in fact, I'm not sure what to think of this episode yet.  It is literally darker than the dark, dark space under Dwight's porch. 

Do you remember when you went off to college?  And then you came home that next summer and hooked up with all of your old high school  friends... but things just seemed OFF in some way?  That was my initial reaction to the show... holy cow, everything we knew, everything we THOUGHT we knew, it's all different now.  I mean, SHIT... Jim eating a tuna sandwich?  Has the WORLD GONE MAD?! Where will it all end?  Won't someone think of the children?

Seriously, though, it's really odd to see Jim alone in the Stamford office... Ed Helms as "Andy" definitely isn't a real fun guy-- he seems like the worst aspects of Dwight and Michael merged into a creepy package.  Word of warning-- don't put anything of Andy's in jell-o.  He's not down with it.

Like REALLY not down with it.

Moment of zen?  Meredith eating/licking the hand sanitizer.

Or was it Creed, saying a man "may have slipped in there"?

"We're all homos... HomoSAPIENS."

True dat, Michael. 


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