The Office -- Episode # 3.4 "Grief Counseling" This episode is definitely an interesting one to watch-- you can almost see the hamster turning the wheels inside Michael's head.

Surely Michael doesn't really CARE that Ed Truck, his old boss, is dead.  I mean, he told us in "The Carpet" that he was the worst boss ever, and that turning into Ed was his "greatest fear" (Creed: "You should have much bigger fears than that").  So why does Michael go so bat$#!t in this episode?


If no one cares about Ed's death, then no one will care about MICHAEL's death either, and that's just too much for him to deal with.  The Answer?  Force everyone in the office to feel depressed in a futile hope it will carry over when Michael goes on to the afterlife.

Good luck, Michael.

Some unanswered questions:
  1. Why was Dwight's grandfather "re" buried?  Why in an oil drum?
  2. Are Herr's chips really that good?  We don't have them here in the midwest...
  3. Why is Pam so mean, yet so nice to Michael?  Karmic balance?
  4. Will the Ed Truck-bot ever see the light of day?
Only time will tell...

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