The Office -- Episode # 3.6 "Diwali" Well, I've only managed to watch this episode once so far, so I'm not sure what my FINAL opinion will be by the time we record TWSS #6.0, but I'll try to give some of my initial impressions...

Seems like there was some "hate" for this episode, or, if not HATE exactly, a lot of "eh, it was OK" kind of sentiment.  I think my biggest let-down is the simple fact that this episode has been hyped as being all about Michael at a DIWALI celebration when in fact the actual party scenes were too few and far between.  What did he really DO?  Ok, he came in his Halloween costume, somehow (?) mistook "simosas" for "s'mores," askes one SORT OF inapropriate question to the Kapoors, and had fun dancing.  Oh, and he also humiliated himself with Carole.  But still... I certainly didn't find myself squirming at his behavior (except for that kiss/lean-in thing... brr!).

I think this episode was striving to be like "The Christmas Party" or "The Booze Cruise," where the entire cast is placed inside a situation and we see their interactions with that situation as a backdrop.  Part of why this episode perhaps didn't work as well as those other episodes is the simple fact that we kept breaking away from the party to go to Stamford-- we kept leaving that "bubble" and shifting over to another plot that wasn't really all that interesting (and leads to other strange questions, like "did Karen do this whole thing to have her way with Jim?" :) ).

I know we are only a few weeks away from having Jim back in Scranton, so hopefully these kinds of things will work themselves out in the PS (post Stamford) era.

The "outro" where Michael and Dwight performed a Diwali version of Adam Sandler's "The Chanukah Song" was also kind of funny, but really didn't seem to have a place in the actual world this episode took place in... it played more like an appreciative group of citizens applauding Steve Carell. 

Ah well... as I said, this is based on only one viewing... I'm sure I will find my opinion softening with repeated viewings. 

And Martin-- I'll take your challenge.
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