Todd Packer Gets "Naked" In other "sort of related to THE OFFICE" news, David Koechner (known as Todd Packer to you and me) is currently starring in a new show on Comedy Central entitled "THE NAKED TRUCKER & T-BONES SHOW."

Comedy Central describes the show thus-wise:

Comedy vets David Koechner (T-Bones) and David (Gruber) Allen (The Naked Trucker) bring their off-beat characters to television in a free-wheeling, weekly roundup of their cross-country adventures. Before a live audience, they show and tell twisted tales from the road while mixing social commentary, original tunes (from funk to folk-fried rock) and a lot of jackassery in a one-of-a-kind comedy show that is as diverse as America itself.

When The Naked Trucker, a free-spirited everyman, met T-Bones, a lovably cracked transient of dubious moral fiber, in a desert flare gun "accident," a legendary American friendship was born. Now this liberty-loving duo rides an eighteen-wheeler across the country in search of good times, friendly faces and questionable cargo.

Each week The Naked Trucker and T-Bones hit the stage to share assorted and sordid stories from the road, a censor-defying tune or two and everything from hobo tips to accidental up-skirt video. Occasionally, viewers will get to see familiar faces from television and film in some unfamiliar places from truck cabs or bathtubs.

The first episode aired this past Wednesday (January 17th), but knowing CC it'll be replayed more times than you can stand.


Also, Koechner was on the 1/12/07 episode of THE SOUND OF YOUNG AMERICA podcast, if you want to check it out.
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Feeling Hot Hot Hot! We've seen a pretty big upswing in downloads over the last few days, and I'm not exactly sure WHERE those are coming from.

BUT, browsing iTunes today, I was pleasantly surprised to see THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID listed on the "What's Hot" listing on the main podcasting page!  Ian? Grab your steel drum... we've got some partying to do!

I'll just take this time to thank everyone for supporting our little show here, and for sticking around while the two of us over-analyze a 21 minute comedy program!  And for everyone who has given us a shot recently and are new to the show, I want to welcome you and ask "what took you so long to get here?"


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Maybe it's just me, but the bump at the end of the episode tonight was the first I've heard of a "producer's cut" for this "The Return."

According to the site, it should be going up sometime after the show airs on the west coast. 

For those who buy the show on iTunes, you should get the new "producer's cut" automatically.

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