2007 Emmy Results... Tough competition this year... let's hope for the best!

First category... Best Suporting Actor in a Comedy Series... Aaaaaand... Rainn Wilson loses to Jeremy Piven!  Ah well... tough call for me, as I love both THE OFFICE and ENTOURAGE.  I really think that Rainn carried a LOT of the comedic weight last season, and that he was pretty integral to the show's success.  It's just too bad that this category was so strong... Ari Gold, Dwight Schrute, Johnny Drama?  Hard, hard decision.

Speaking of Rainn Wilson, did anyone else see his new commercials with the U.S. women's soccer team?

Score so far: The Office 0, The Other Guys 1

Next up... Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series... (come on, Jenna!)... aaaaaaand... GAH! Jenna Fischer loses to Jamie Pressly!  Her character definitely had a huge role in the second season of MY NAME IS EARL, but it's definitely a one note role.  I guess the Emmy voters went for the BROAD comedy of EARL over the more subtle emotional journey that Pam went through in season three.

Score so far: The Office 0, The Other Guys 2

OK, Steve Carell is presenting now.  He's got his usual "every man," nice guy thing going.  He's giving "props" to all of his Office-mates.  Ha! Nice montage of "quotes" from Rainn, John Krasinski & Jenna Fischer.  Something to look forward to on the season four DVD I guess... and it's worth a point! Why not? :)

Score so far: The Office 1, The Other Guys 2

Ok... Ken Kwapis up for Best Director... Aaaaaaand.... Kwapis loses to the director of UGLY BETTY!  The Office denied yet again (although GAY WITCH HUNT was never my favorite episode).

Score so far: The Office 1, The Other Guys 3

Outstanding writing in a comedy series... Greg Daniels up for GWH, Mike Schurr up for THE NEGOTIATION... come on, Mike! I'm rooting for ya, man... Aaaaaaaaand... GREG DANIELS WINS!  Finally!

Score so far: The Office 2, The Other Guys 3

Hmmmm... Rainn Wilson is up on stage with Wayne Brady now... and apparently he's going to compete somehow against Kanye West in a "Don't Forget The Lyrics" battle over "Kanye West lyrics."  Loser has to quit show business! Har.  And Rainn Wilson wins! ;) Give 'em another point.

Score so far: The Office 3, The Other Guys 3

Here's the big one... Lead Actor in a Comedy Series... AAAARG! Ricky Gervais wins out over Steve Carell! But wait-- Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert decide to give it to Carell since Gervais couldn't make it! Take that, British guy! ;)

Score so far: The Office 4, The Other Guys 3

All right... the big one... Outstanding Comedy Series... goes to 30 ROCK! Sheesh! The Office is just totally dominated tonight!  I'm a fan of 30 ROCK, but I'm not sure if it was ready to win based on just this first season.  Well, the Emmy voters have spoken. 

Score TOTALS: The Office 4, The Other Guys 4 (a tie?)

Gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed in The Office's showing this year, but they were up against some pretty tough competition.  The Emmy voters went for some non-traditional choices all told, so I can't complain too much (I mean, at least Tony Shaloub didn't win for best lead actor in a comedy series, right?).  If The Office couldn't win for best series, I'm glad it went to 30 ROCK.  Here's hoping the award will give 30R some wiggle room in the schedule if the ratings aren't there this season. 

Various shots of the cast from the red carpet:

Mindy Kaling 1 2 -- wow, Mindy's in the "worst dressed" category on Yahoo!'s Emmy coverage.  Yikes.

Looks like some of the other live blogs are calling Jenna Fischer's dress a "fashion faux pas." Yahoo! also put Jenna in the "worst dressed" category on their coverage page.  What do you guys think?  1 2 3

Rashida Jones 1

And just for good measure, a shot of Sarah Chalke.  She's purty. Oh, and you can see Rainn Wilson in the background too.  1

For the ladies, here's a shot of John Krasinski in his tux. 1

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