Unhitched: A Mini-Review Kevin Crossman says:

There was a lot of talk about Rashida Jones potentially returning to  The Office this season, but then her Fox pilot was picked up and next  thing you know Jim Halpert is driving home from NYC looking for  dinner with Pam.

Unhitched recently debuted, and is also available on iTunes. I had a  chance to sample the first episode last week when it was free on  iTunes. Rashida Jones must have landed a winner if she was willing to  leave a plum role on The Office, right? Wrong. Unhitched is awful.

As if the phallic promo photo wasn't bad enough, the show was boring,  trying-too-hard- but-not-hard-enough-to-be edgy, and most of all not  funny. Check it out on Fox... while it lasts.

Matt says:

I've seen the majority of the first two episodes, and I have to agree with Kevin for the most part.  The show desperately wants to be the new "Seinfeld" (and Fox's ads for the show certainly go out of their way to make the same connection), but so far it seems more on par with the "made for cable" sitcoms currently airing on TBS. 

Did I laugh at the "shrimp/angel wing/skin tag" plotline from this past week's episode?  Not really... it certainly WAS rather disturbing (which makes sense, seeing as the show is a product of the Farrelly brothers).  All told, though, I actually sort of liked the "B" story of the mild-mannered doctor friend "Freddy" (played by Shaun Majumder). As for Jones' story... pretty forgettable.

Have you ever seen the first NEW episode of FAMILY GUY after it returned from cancellation? The one where Peter reads off a list of about 50 cancelled Fox TV shows?  I have a feeling UNHITCHED will be joining that list sometime soon.  I predict a big return for Karen in season five.

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