The New York Times published an article today looking at the ups, downs, joys and shame of belonging to an a cappella group. From the article:

Whenever a cappella is mentioned in pop culture (see the comedy “The Break-Up,? in which Vince Vaughn is beaten up by an a cappella group; the bio for Stephen Colbert’s broadcast persona, which claims that he performed a cappella in a Dartmouth group called the Sing Dynasty; or the recent dismissal from “American Idol? of Luke Menard, who also sang a cappella), it is almost always a shorthand for rampant geekiness. On the NBC sitcom “The Office,? the grating Andy Bernard, a character played by Ed Helms, often reminds co-workers that he once performed with a Cornell group called Here Comes Treble.

Mr. Helms said the show’s satire of a cappella was all in good fun, though he still bears the scars of his own brief encounter with the art form: in 1993, he said, he quit the Oberlin Obertones after one semester because of a personality clash with the group’s music director. “I decided smoking pot was more important than extracurricular activities,? he said.

That's about it for OFFICE related content, but check out the rest of the article HERE if you're so inclined.

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The website "Monsters and Critics" posted a rather lengthy chat with Rainn Wilson and Greg Daniels today.  The questions were kind of all over the map, but there were a few gems including the following:

Greg, can you give clues to anything that’s coming up in the upcoming 'Office' episodes going forward?

Greg Daniels: Well I mean, that’s a very - kind of a charged situation where Michael has been asking Pam and Jim to come have dinner with him and Jan over and over, and over again.

And he finally manages this - through this kind of scam, to destroy all their excuses. And it just happens to be after the previous episode which is when he went to New York to try and help Jan with her deposition and he kind of blew her sort of wrongful termination lawsuit.

There’s a lot of tension between them in that episode. And then coming up we have some episodes that follow off on that.

Some of them involve the character of Ryan whose website initiative started the season off and is kind of crumbling underneath him and has gotten - for some reason has become like infested with sexual predators.

And - which is just one of the problems his website has. And we have episodes coming up where Dwight and Michael are going to have joined Ryan in some of his club-hopping New York partying and try to - I think get involved in his life a little bit more. But there’s some cool, weird things happening that I can’t talk about and, you know, you’ll just have to see it to truly enjoy all the twists and turns.

Head on over to the FULL ARTICLE for more.

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