This might be old news, but I just ran across it on today.

If, like Michael Scott, you enjoy waking up to the smell of crisp, crackling bacon, then I have just the thing for you-- the Wake 'n Bacon alarm clock.

Morning bacon, now without those pesky grill marks on your foot.  Unfortunately, it's not for sale... but it damn well should be!

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We mentioned on the last podcast that the writers of THE OFFICE (along with Rainn Wilson) were going to be talking to the fans at this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA.

Here's the full panel, courtesy of has posted several videos of the panel. This first one is short, about 1.5 minutes, which consists of the Mahalodaily reporter trying to get some season 6 details out of Rainn and Greg Daniels (to absolutely no avail). The second clip is an interview with Paul Feig.

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When Kevin gets harassed by his bookie, Darryl steps in to lend a suave helping hand.

Leave your comments below.
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When Is A Spinoff NOT a Spinoff? Ask NBC
As if this whole Office spinoff mess wasn't convoluted enough...

At the TCA Awards this week, NBC honcho (and the guy behind bringing the OFFICE to the US) Ben Silverman told everyone that the show created by Mike Schurr and Greg Daniels starring Amy Poehler that's going to air AFTER The Office and debut after the Superbowl, isn't, in fact, The Office spinoff show.  To top that off, because of Poehler's pregnancy and SNL commitments, the actual show ISN'T going to be debuting after the Superbowl anyway.

But, says Silverman, there *IS* an Office spinoff that exists... it's just not THIS show, and they have no idea when it's going to air or who it's going to star.  Here's the quote, from The Washington Post:

"Well, fortunately for Amy and [her husband], she's pregnant right now. So the target was to have it be ready after the Super Bowl. . . . So the timing will be tough to be able to turn that show around to fit into the post-Super Bowl slot. It's much more likely we're going to have to launch that in March. What happened was ['The Office' show runners Greg Daniels and Mike Schur] came up with two ideas. One of which is totally a spinoff, which they're pursuing and [is] planted inside 'The Office' and maybe would involve characters who are already on 'The Office' who would then migrate to a new show. And then they developed a different parallel, which was kind of set stylistically and formed by 'The Office' but not characters based in 'The Office,' or storylines based in 'The Office.'

"And, as they pursued both, we decided to put all our energy to get Amy locked in, and she agreed, and then we started a negotiation with her and also focused on making sure that Mike and Greg's creative was something that she really was going to respond to. And that kind of took position A in what Greg and Mike were going to focus on right now. So that's kind of where the process went.

"We're still pursuing the spinoff, but when you get a talent like Amy Poehler at the top of her game coming off what easily could have been a decision to become a full-time movie star, this was a great chance for us to land her, and Mike and Greg and everybody at NBC think she's just the ideal talent to fill out what they're working on."

Seriously... could this whole thing get anymore complicated?

(thanks to Brettson for the link)

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The Office Emmy Report by Kevin Crossman

Once again, Steve Carell was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (for the episode "Goobye Toby"). The Office received a total eight nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series ("Local Ad") and Rainn Wilson for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series ("Money"), along with additional nominations for directing, writing, editing, and sound mixing.

And, it should be noted, Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski also picked up something. Big ol' snubs! While both were in the listing of "Top 10 finalists" for their respective supporting categories, neither was in the final list (Fischer was nominated last year). And while we certainly appreciate Rainn Wilson's work, I can't help but wonder if Wilson's over-the-top character is a reason why he received a nomination over Krasinski's more subdued performance.  The fact that Emmy voters officially cast votes on a single episode from an entire season also penalizes actors who transform over a season (see also: Lost).

Outstanding Comedy Series: The Office ("Local Ad")

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series : Steve Carell ("Goodbye, Toby")

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series: Rainn Wilson ("Money")

Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series: Paul Lieberstein ("Money")

Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series: Paul Feig ("Goodbye, Toby")

Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series: Lee Eisenberg, Gene Stupnitsky ("Dinner Party")

Outstanding Picture Editing For A Comedy Series: Dave Rogers and Dean Holland ("Goodbye, Toby")

Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series: Ben Patrick, John W. Cook II, Peter J. Nusbaum ("Local Ad)

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Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are saying that SNL and UCB alum Amy Poehler is in "final negotiations" to headline the still unnamed Office spinoff show set to debut after the Superbowl in early 2009. Apparently "Baby Mama" was enough of a success that negotiations began sometime in late June.

So much for Ausielo's "guaranteed" Amanda Peet prediction.

In any case, the deal is not yet officially confirmed, and both articles mention that Poehler's pregnancy (she is due this fall) could also affect or delay the production of the new series.

I still need some time to process this news, but my initial reaction is that Poehler is too "over the top" as a comedian to fit into an "Office"-like show.  Maybe it's having seen her mugging into the camera so often on SNL that's put this thought in my mind... I dunno.  As it stands, I am very glad that the "spinoff" seems to NOT be a spinoff after all-- I will be much more charitable towards a completely NEW show than if I am worrying about how this new show "tarnishes" the original (or not).

So what do you guys think? Great choice, or reason for concern? Can the fabric of the universe survive when both Poehler AND Fey have sitcoms on the same network on the same night? Will Poehler being hired also earn us some juicy Will "GOB" Arnett cameos? Only time will tell.


Talking to the AP about her SNL Emmy nomination, Poehler basically confirmed that her participation in the new show is a done deal (although she says she doesn't know what she'll be doing, exactly).

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Episode # 46 -- Retro: The Dundies Episode # 46 of THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID finds both Matt and Kevin locked in a titanic struggle to the death over the Fine Work Award. You down with the DUN-dies? Yeah, you know ME. The annual awards ceremony is here, and no one, except for Michael, much cares. Dwight's on the hunt for a bathroom vandal, Jim gets lucky, Pam enjoys "second drink" (not to mention third drink, fourth drink, fifth drink...), Ryan's scarred for life, and Michael proves he learned absolutely nothing from DIVERSITY DAY. One thing's for sure - I've xeroxed your drivers license and you will NOT be welcome at this restaurant chain ever again. Incidental music provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network. Email us at TWSSpodcast @, or leave a comment on our blog page at TWSSpodcast. com. Check out Kevin's blog and podcast at the- frat-pack. com. iTunes reviews are always appreciated! Help spread the word!
Direct download: TWSS46.mp3
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Kevin and I recorded the Dundies episode last night... look for the finished product to be available sometime within the next two days.

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It's hard to make any kind of value judgement after two minutes, so I think Kevin and I will hold off until the webisodes are completed. Don't let that stop you from commenting, though!

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The Office Games Hit Scranton, PA
I must be living under a rock since going on Summer vacation.  I just this minute read an article in TV Guide about Mindy Kaling going back to Scranton, PA on July 19th for "The Office Games"

To quote the article:

"Scranton, besides hosting a day of events inspired by the show including a 2K race, a trivia challenge and beet eating contest, will also be the first city to offer the new The Office DVD Board Game and a separate The Office Trivia Game" (the first 125 people to buy a game from Boscov's in Steamtown Mall will get an autugraph from Mindy).

Our very own Kevin Crossman just spent some time in Scranton last week, so I guess the lure of the "Electric City" is still holding strong for many an Office fan.  I think I'll be sitting this next one out, though.

Anyone planning on attending the event?


Go HERE to sign up.  All proceeds will be donated to the United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

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Watch the episode NOW:

One hundred people surveyed, top five answers on the board-- Name a great way for an Office fan to deal with Summer withdrawal.

Number one answer?  Watch CELEBRITY FAMILY FEUD tonight at 8 PM Eastern/7 PM Central as our beloved cast takes on (believe it or not) the American Gladiators.  Al Roker, everyone's favorite portly African-American weatherman, does the hosting duties (he's no Richard Dawkins, but I suppose he'll do in a pinch).

Friend of the show Laura H. attended the taping, and filed this report:

"I had heard that there were going to be two Office-related shows at IO West in Hollywood in early June on the same night. One was Kate Flannery's "Lampshades" show and the other was an improv show featuring Angela, Oscar and Creed.  I had some credit with NWA which I had to use soon. I also had enough credit card points for a free hotel stay. So I thought "What the hell." I made my bookings and then sent both Angela and Kate short MySpace messages telling them I was coming out. (Not like we're "tight" or anything - but I had met both of them on a few different occasions over the past couple of years). Kate sent me a message back saying that some of them were going to be filming "Celebrity Family Feud" on the day I was coming into town. She asked if she should try to get me a ticket. Obviously, I said "Yes, please!" A couple of days later she sent me all the info I needed.

Since she had put my name on the list as her guest, I was sort of treated like a rock star - well, at least for a couple of hours at a game show taping, that is. I got to park my little rental car by the limos, I was escorted into the bldg through the back stage door and was shown where craft services was. It was pretty cool. The person taking me in said "You're a guest of Kate's? Did you want to go to the trailers?" I didn't want to push my luck, so I declined. I did happen to see the Office-mates walk past, however, and Kate said that she was happy I made it.

Once I was seated, it was alot of fun actually. The announcer dude warmed up the crowd, and it was pretty hilarious because he made us "practice" our responses - all the "oooo's" & "ahhh's", clapping, etc. It all just made me laugh!  I learned that The Office was going to be playing the American Gladiators - and that made me laugh more! The Office cast was all dressed very nicely - and the Gladiators came in costume . . . stretchy, spandexy bulges. It felt wrong just looking at them. :) 

Al Roker was the celebrity host, and he did a really good job. It was evident that he is a fan of The Office and he had a great rapport with them - probably since he had met them in Scranton?   Anyway, I won't spoil anything, but it was a good show. At one point, Kate was at the podium and nearly didn't get her answer in time. I let out some kind of noise - which I hope they edited out! ;)

That night was the two shows at IO West. Even though I had seen the Lampshades previously, it was still hilarious. I got to talk to Kate for a little while afterwards, and she was nice enough to give me a CD of the show. She didn't stay too long, though, because she had the TV Land Awards and a breast cancer charity event the next day.  The Armando (improv) show was also fun. Creed was the "host" and took the opportunity to tell a few stories from "back in the day" involving using illegal substances, etc. Just what you'd expect from Creed! Oscar and Angela were part of the group of improvisors - and Angela (especially) is alway so funny! 

After the show, it was pretty late and loud and crowded. But Angela saw me and came over and gave me a hug and thanked me for coming. She apologized but said that she wouldn't be able to stay too long - which I fully understood. She really wanted to get home to Isabel, and she also had the TV Land Awards the next day. We chatted for just a few minutes - mostly about the baby - and she told me that she would be appearing in People magazine and how she had been apprehensive to do so, but the folks at People were really great to work with."

Awesome story, Laura.  I think you just made a lot of people REALLY jealous, though... including yours truly.

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To all of out American listeners-- a happy 4th of July to you all.  Please, try not to overdo it on the hot dogs and potato salad this year.

Just a few news tidbits that I'm sure most of you already know:

1) Amy Ryan is committed to reprise her outstanding role as Holly Flax in at least FIVE episodes next season.  Kevin and I both loved her work in the season finale, so I am very excited to see her coming back for more. 

2) According to Ricky Gervais' official blog, Steve Carell has signed on for another three year commitment to THE OFFICE with his new contract.  While his movie track record has been somewhat spotty, he definitely doesn't NEED to come back to working those fabled 12 hour days on a TV show if he didn't want to.  Hats off to Steve for sticking with the show.

3) The first new "webisode" of the Summer is set to launch on July 10th! Less than a week away.  TWSS will have full coverage of all the webisodes, so never fear (although I'm still not sure if we'll discuss them individually or wait until they're all finished...).

4) We're right back where we were in November 2007, as the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD are in the middle of their own tense negotiations with the studios.  The final contract has been proferred, but we won't know the results until July 8th.  I haven't been following this as closely as I should have, but we're literally on the edge of another major Hollywood work stoppage if a strike is called (the existing contract expired on June 30th).  Hollywood is walking on eggshells right now, as are many other cities that do a lot of location shooting (like Vancouver, for example).  Many seem to think the strike won't happen so soon after the WGA strike, but you never know.  Keep watching the news.

5) I'm looking at releasing the new TWSS Retro episode sometime in the next week (if Kevin and I can work something out).  Although we still have two episodes left from season one, I think we're going to just jump right ahead into "The Dundees."  If you'd like to leave an email comment for the show, giving your opinions on the episode, favorite parts, etc., get them to me ASAP at  If you'd like to leave an audio comment, feel free to use Kevin's hotline:

(206) 666-3728

This is technically the phone number for Kevin's Frat Pack Podcast, but never fear-- your comments will be forwarded to the right place.

6) Also, if you haven't done so, PLEASE consider pre-ordering your season four DVD sets from through our associates link (located to your right).  A small percentage of your purchase price will be kicked back to TWSS to help defray some of the costs of production.  If Amazon's price goes down in the coming months, you'll be charged the lowest price, regardless of where it is currently.  If you know you're going to order the set, please order from us.  You'll be doing TWSS a major solid, yo.

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