UPDATE: Jenna Fischer On The Mend
For those of you wondering how Jenna Fischer and her broken back were doing, USA Today published are article yesterday checking in with her and recapping the disasterous events of two weeks ago:

Fischer feeling better after big fall

Jenna Fischer, who plays lovable receptionist Pam on NBC's The Office, is in pain. A lot of pain. But she wants her fans to know that she is on the mend after breaking four bones in her back in a nasty fall May 14 at an NBC party.

"I had a rough night last night," Fischer says from the Central Park-area hotel where she has been recuperating. "I'm mostly off the meds, but I did take some last night because sleeping is probably the most uncomfortable thing right now. I just can't get comfortable."

Two weeks ago, Fischer, 33, came to New York to speak with advertisers about NBC's fall lineup. She was looking forward to letting loose with her co-stars. "It's one of my favorite parts of the year. My (summer) vacation starts then. I was ready for a lovely break -- no pun intended."


Head over to USAToday for the rest of the article.

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Baha'i? Baha'lieve it.
For those following the news, Rainn Wilson has been talking a lot this past season about his religious beliefs as a member of the 'still mostly unknown in this country' BAHA'I faith. 

Recently, the official Baha'i news sources ran an interview they did with Wilson, asking about his beliefs, where they came from, what they mean to him, how he sees Hollywood, etc.  Here's a sample:

"LOS ANGELES, United States, 24 May 2007 (BWNS) -- Actor Rainn Wilson is used to talking to the media - he is part of the award-winning cast of the U.S. television series "The Office," and his recent role in the movie "The Last Mimzy" brought a flurry of new interviews. Time magazine, TV talk-show hosts and others came calling.

A member of the Baha'i Faith, he seems just as comfortable discussing his spiritual beliefs as he does shooting the breeze about Dwight Schrute, the pompous assistant manager he plays on "The Office," the American version of a popular British TV show of the same name.

His show, seen weekly by 8 million people in the U.S. alone, also airs in Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, parts of continental Europe, Australia, Saudi Arabia, parts of Latin America, Singapore, and several other countries.

His other acting credits include the character of Arthur Martin in the series "Six Feet Under" and a one-episode stint in "Entourage," both on the U.S. cable network HBO; guest hosting "Saturday Night Live" on U.S. television; and movie roles in "Almost Famous," "America's Sweethearts," "Galaxy Quest," "House of 1000 Corpses," "Sahara," and "My Super Ex-Girlfriend."

In a recent interview with U.S. Baha'i News, he talked about Hollywood, his family, his life and his beliefs. Here is that interview, reprinted with permission:

Q: Rainn, what was it like to grow up in the Baha'i Faith?

A: When you grow up with a spiritual foundation that asks you to be conscious of the fact that all races are created equal, that men and women are equal and that all religions worship the same (God), it helps you see the world as one family and not get lost in the traps of political, social, and economic belief systems that can lead you astray. I always think of myself as a world citizen. It's a powerful thing."

You can read the whole interview HERE.

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So how does the cast keep busy over the summer? By presenting at awards shows, of course.

John Krasinski has been tapped to present at the 2007 MTV MOVIE AWARDS, set to air June 3rd at 8:00 pm eastern.  Other presenters include Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Beil, John Krasinski, Mandy Moore, Robin Williams, Justin Long, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Josh Duhamel, Samuel L. Jackson, Amanda Bynes, Chris Tucker, Katherine Heigl, Seth Rogen, Shia LaBeouf, Michael Chiklis, John Travolta, Zac Efron, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Evans and Ioan Gruffudd.

For those who prefer life on the "Great White Way," Rainn Wilson will be one of the presenters at the 2007 TONY AWARDS, set to air June 10th at 8:00 pm.  Joining Wilson at the podium will be Harry Connick Jr., Felicity Huffman, Jane Krakowski, Angela Lansbury, Audra McDonald, Bernadette Peters, William Petersen, David Hyde Pierce, Liev Schreiber, Kevin Spacey, John Turturro, and Patrick Wilson.

On a somewhat related note, Steve Carell will be in Boston on June 21st to host a fund-raiser/premier night for his new film EVAN ALMIGHTY.  Money raised will go to the Zachary Carson Brain Tumor Fund at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Carson, now 21, was diagnosed with a malignant tumor two years ago.  His mother organized the event after meeting Carell on the set of THE OFFICE.

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Some 'Behind The Scenes' News Items
A few OFFICE related news items this week:

First, NBC has apparently fired entertainment cheif KEVIN REILLY.  For those of you who wonder why this news belongs here, Reilly has been a big champion of THE OFFICE (and MY NAME IS EARL) the past few seasons and was also responsible for the Thursday night comedy block this past season. Oh, and he made a cameo during THE RETURN as one of the guys interviewing Dwight.

From what I can tell, NBC execs decided that Reilly had to go after the network came in 4th (!) place this season, and the recent upfront presentation didn't seem like enough of a change to pull the peacock network out of the basement. Even though NBC just renewed his contract for another three years, they're apparently ready to cut their losses and just get rid of him.

So is this BAD news for THE OFFICE?  Not really.  Even though new execs love to change up the schedule when they take over, the #1 name being thrown around to replace Reilly is BEN SILVERMAN-- head of Reveille Entertainment and finder/adapter/producer of THE OFFICE, UGLY BETTY, THE BIGGEST LOSER and THE TUDORS (among others).

In other news, NBC is also putting the kibosh on "Super Sized" episodes next year.  While once a promising and original strategy, NBC execs have come to the conclusion that starting a show at 8:23pm isn't necessarily the smartest move in the book.  For now, the five full hour long episodes of THE OFFICE next season are still a go, but we won't be seeing any more of the 35-40 minute extended shows.

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Episode # 24 -- "The Job" (5/17/07) Episode # 24 of THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID finds both Matt and Ian bawling like little schoolgirls. It's DEFCON 20 when Jan wants Michael back, but is he strong enough to withstand the new dynamic duo? Tell her I said I want to squeeze them... it's code. She'll understand. With Michael, Jim, and Karen in NYC for the big interview, there's a new sheriff in town... and his name is ME (erm, Dwight, actually). Will a load of Schrutebucks win his co-workers' love? And remember -- when looking long term, sometimes all you need is a yogurt lid to remind you where your heart lies. Incidental music provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network. Email us at TWSSpodcast @ gmail.com, or leave a comment on our blog page at thatswhatshesaid. libsyn.com. iTunes reviews are always appreciated! Help spread the word!
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Happy Birthday To Me
Yes, the rumors in the other post are true-- today, May 22, is my 36th birthday.  Man, where did the time go?  I really don't feel that "old" at this point, but now I'm looking at the backside of my 30s, with "40" at the bottom of the hill.  THAT'S a scary thought.

And how will I be celebrating my birthday? By recording the "season finale" episode of TWSS!  Are you people happy now!?  Seriously, it's been a labor of love for both Ian and me, and we both really appreciate the support that you've shown us over these last 8-9 months. 

(And if this week's episode is a little late, cut us some slack! ;))

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Angela Kinsey & Brian Baumgartner's visit to Scranton this past weekend was the perfect excuse for organizers to release the first batch of information regarding the first convention dedicated solely to our favorite sitcom.

Scheduled for the weekend of October 26-28th, 2007, in lovely Scranton, Pennsylvania, THE OFFICE CONVENTION should be quite the interesting time (on the site, it is joking described as being like a Star Trek convention where the geeks wear Dwight Schrute glasses instead of Spock ears).

No details have emerged at this time as far as who might be attending, or what events are planned to fill those three days, but keep checking the official website for more information.


I've offered TWSS's services to help promote the convention, but I haven't heard anything yet.  Regardless, we'll keep you updated on all the latest news as it becomes available.

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Season Three DVD Rumors
It might be a bit early, and you might have to take it with a grain of salt, but TVShowsOnDVD.com is reporting that the Season Three DVD set will be released on September 11, 2007.

According to the live blog that followed the season finale, the S3 DVD will feature all of the deleted scenes shown on NBC.com over the past year, as well as "a lot of other stuff" that we haven't seen yet.

Category:general -- posted at: 7:11pm EDT

I mentioned this in the chatroom after the show on Thursday, but Ian is going to be out of town on both Sunday (our usual recording time) and Monday this week.  Because of that, we had a choice -- either rush and record it today, or wait until Tuesday.

Unfortunately, after working all week, I just wasn't up to putting the show together today.  Hopefully, because this was the finale, people can excuse us a little bit and enjoy the podcast a little later in the week.

As for what we plan to do over the summer... well, we haven't nailed down the specifics yet, but the plan tentatively is calling for a new "Retro" episode of TWSS every two or three weeks.  I'd like to cover season one, doing episodes #1-6 in order. 

Once again, thanks for your support.  Ian and I have had a blast doing the show this season, and hope to be back in full force for season four.

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To celebrate the season three finale, the NBC/Universal store is offering 20% off all "The Office" merchandise this weekend.  Now's your chance to get that Dwight bobblehead you've always wanted, the plush bath robe, the "world's best boss" mug, or so much more, all at a decent discount.

Sale ends Monday, May 21st.  Great timing, too, since my birthday is the 22nd... (XXL, please).

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The Office -- Episode # 3.24 "The Job" (SEASON FINALE) Well folks, here it is... the season finale.  Will all of our hopes and dreams for JAM come true?  Will Jan bear Michael's love child? Will Karen ride off into the sunset? (seeing as how her FOX show got picked up, it seems pretty darn likely).  Can the writers top CASINO NIGHT?  What will Matt & Ian do now??  Only a few more hours until we find out.

NBC describes the episode like this:


One-Hour Season Finale 8/7c TV14

THE FINAL REVIEW - In a special one-hour finale, the office is still buzzing from the events of their day at the beach. A job opening in Corporate pits coworker against coworker as Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell), Jim (John Krasinski) and Karen (Rashida Jones) all head to New York for final interviews. In Scranton, Dwight's (Rainn Wilson) new regime institutes sweeping reforms, Pam (Jenna Fischer) plays an interesting role, and Jan (Melora Hardin) comes in with exciting news. B.J. Novak, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Kate Flannery, Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Paul Lieberstein and Creed Bratton also star.


And once again, REMEMBER-- this is an HOUR LONG episode, and it starts 30 minutes earlier than usual.

BJ Novak and Greg Daniels are doing a LIVE BLOG on NBC.com immediately following the Eastern/Central airings, which is cool, but you can also stop by the TWSS chat room if you so desire.  Ian won't be there, but I will be.  See if "Thursday Matt" was pleased, or if he has murder in his eyes! :)

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I don't know if this is already widely known in THE OFFICE fandom circles, but "friend of the show" Kevin Crossman pointed me towards this blog entry on USA Today's POP CANDY page--

"An inquisitive e-mail came from Pop reader Abby V. today:

Fischer_2 "I've been hearing that Jenna Fischer got hurt recently, and I was wondering if you had heard anything or knew someone to ask ..."

Unfortunately, there's some truth to that rumor. Fischer's rep tells me the Office star "fractured her lower back in four places" in New York Monday after falling down some marble stairs in high heels. Her pal and co-star Angela Kinsey "has been with her the whole time" and her husband, filmmaker/actor James Gunn, has flown to be with her.

He added, "She is expected to make a full recovery and will not miss any time on The Office.""

Ouch! Hope she's doing OK, and hope this isn't getting in the way of all these films she'd been linked to recently.

Ms. Pop Candy suggests leaving some "get well" messages at Jenna's MySpace page, and I suppose that's as good a place as any.  You can access her page from our LINKS section on the right.

Get well soon, J!

Category:general -- posted at: 7:28pm EDT

So word has come from the NBC honchos -- The Office will be moved to the 9pm/8pm Central time slot next season, going head to head with two huge shows on the other networks.

No switch to an hour, although we WILL get 6 hour long episodes during the season.  The hour long eps will air during the weeks when SCRUBS doesn't (they've only ordered 18 episodes of the Jay Dizzle, for shame). 

The rest of the schedule for Thursday looks like this:

8pm/7pm Central -- My Name Is Earl

8:30/7:30pm Central -- 30 Rock

(9pm/8pm Central -- The Office)

9:30pm/8:30pm -- Scrubs

I know it's gotten high critical acclaim, but I'm actually rather surprised that NBC stuck with the Thursday night comedy line-up since the ratings have been so poor.  Kudos to them for believing in the block.

Category:general -- posted at: 12:10am EDT

Episode # 23 -- "Beach Games" (5/10/07) Episode # 23 of THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID finds both Matt and Ian heading for elimination in the tribal council. Outwit? Outfloat? Outeat? Michael finally got the call to the bigs, but can he find anyone in the office Bines-ian enough to take his place? When Beach Day becomes Survivor: Scranton, all heck breaks loose. Andy, dead? Dwight, char-broiled? Pam, finder of cojones? And where will it all lead? Only the season finale knows for sure. Incidental music provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network. Email us at TWSSpodcast @ gmail.com, or leave a comment on our blog page at thatswhatshesaid. libsyn.com. iTunes reviews are always appreciated! Help spread the word!
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The Office -- Episode # 3.23 "Beach Games" If the promos are to be believed, this is the start of all the JAM action build-up for the 3rd season finale.  Did Michael's mall fountain wish come true?  will Pam find her courage?  Will Stanley flatten Jim in the sumo ring?  Only a few more hours to go.

NBC describes it like this:


Special Time 8:42/7:42c TV14

LIFE'S A BEACH - Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) is being considered for a position in Corporate and has to recommend his replacement. While the group expects a fun outing at Lake Scranton, Michael has planned a day of Survivor-like competitions to find his successor. Meanwhile, Pam (Jenna Fischer) is not asked to join in any of the activities and is forced to watch Jim (John Krasinski) and Karen (Rashida Jones) have fun together. Rainn Wilson, B.J. Novak, Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nunez, Kate Flannery, Phyllis Smith, Ed Helms, Paul Lieberstein, Mindy Kaling, Brian Baumgartner, Leslie David Baker and Creed Bratton also star.


REMEMBER-- Yet another bizarre starting and ending time this week.  Set your DVRs/VCRs appropriately.

Join Ian and me in the TWSS Chatroom immediately after the end of the episode.

Category:general -- posted at: 11:33am EDT

Episode # 22 -- "Women's Appreciation" (5/3/07) Episode # 22 of THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID finds both Matt and Ian learning to get in touch with their feminine sides. There's a flasher loose in scranton, people... that's what we know, and the office is up in arms. Dwight's hot on the trail of the perv, but as Michael Jackson once told us, he might want to start with the man in the mirror. Love on the rocks? Ain't no big surprise... Michael and the ladies of Dunder-Mifflin hit the mall, and a healthy dose of dish leads him to make a monumental decision. Meanwhile, the guys find out that sometimes, the grass IS greener on the other side (not counting Creed's twosie, that is). One final warning-- miss this episode of That's What She Said, and you're looking at a serious disadulation. Incidental music provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network. Email us at TWSSpodcast @ gmail.com, or leave a comment on our blog page at thatswhatshesaid. libsyn.com. iTunes reviews are always appreciated! Help spread the word!
Direct download: TWSS22.mp3
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This is pretty common knowledge by this time, but if you hadn't already heard, the phone number on Dwight's "pervert" flier is indeed a real live working number.


I gave it a try tonight, and it's definitely good for a chuckle if you can get through.  Dwight himself has laid a cunning trap for the flashing perv, and he also seems ready to part with one of his most beloved possessions!  Simply shocking.

Category:general -- posted at: 12:21am EDT

The Office -- Episode # 3.22 "Women's Appreciation" We all know Michael appreciates the ladies, so why not a special day just for them?

(and if you've seen the promo clips -- school girl fantasies indeed! How scary is that?)

NBC describes it like this:


Special Time 8:36/7:36c TV14

CAN'T LIVE WITH 'EM, CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT 'EM - Outrage breaks out in the office after Phyllis (Phyllis Smith) gets an unexpected eyeful from a flasher. Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) makes some important personal decisions when he takes the women on a special outing. Meanwhile, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Andy (Ed Helms) work on catching the predator. John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, Melora Hardin, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Paul Lieberstein, Oscar Nunez, Rashida Jones and Creed Bratton also star.



Post your comments below, and join Ian and I in the chatroom after the show.

Category:general -- posted at: 12:58pm EDT

THE ONION (An American Workplace) What can I say? Enjoy the comedy goodness.

CBS To Release Own Version Of NBC's The Office

May 2, 2007

NEW YORK—Hoping to replicate the success of the Emmy-winning NBC show The Office, executives at CBS announced Monday that the network will adapt the highly rated comedy for CBS audiences.

"We're excited to bring the fresh, groundbreaking comedy of The Office to a completely new channel," CBS President Leslie Moonves said. "Some people say a show like The Office can only work on NBC, but we're out to prove them wrong."

Since securing rights to the sitcom, producers Bruce Klein and Greg Winston have worked diligently to repackage the show for its new context.

"We're huge fans of NBC's The Office—we want to remain faithful to that while at the same time creating our own voice," Klein said. "Obviously we had to change some of the language and cultural references to things our audience will understand. But the show's central message is the same: Just because they call it 'work' doesn't mean you can't have a few laughs while doing it."

The show's pilot, a shot-for-shot re-creation of NBC's Office pilot, features comedian David Spade as boss Peter Craig, the fun-loving and inspirational boss of a small-town Ohio paper company.

"Having David on the project is such a thrill," said Klein, who offered Spade the part after Ray Romano and Kevin James turned down the role. "Don't get me wrong—Steve Carell is great, but David's combination of zippy one-liners and all-out zaniness just can't be beat."

The remake will also feature the same will-they-won't-they love story between a plain-looking receptionist engaged to a man from the company's warehouse who doesn't appreciate her, and a perfectly suited coworker who pines for her from afar. But producers at CBS said the love triangle will be "completely revamped" for the new series, as new names have been created for all three characters. (MORE)

Category:general -- posted at: 10:03pm EDT

Well, you ASKED for ours... what are yours?

Category:general -- posted at: 6:58pm EDT

Episode # 21 -- "Product Recall" (04/26/07) Episode # 21 of THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID finds both Matt and Ian in a mad dash for the money beets. TWSS Cri-Man-Squa, FnC Double-time! We're at threat level midnight, folks, and all hell's about to break loose. The office staff finds themselves up against the wall when a disgruntled employee outs two beloved cartoon characters on 500 boxes of paper- but is apologizing enough? Will God beer Jim strength? Will Angela say she's sorry? Will Andy and Chris Hansen become intimately acquainted? And seriously, is Creed the devil? Incidental music provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network. Email us at TWSSpodcast @ gmail.com, or leave a comment on our blog page at thatswhatshesaid. libsyn.com. iTunes reviews are always appreciated! Help spread the word!
Direct download: TWSS21.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:21pm EDT

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