Season Four DVD Review
by Kevin Crossman

Coming to stores on September 2nd is the DVD release of Season 4 of The Office. The four-disc set contains all 14 episodes and a host of extras. The entire set comprises over 400 minutes of content.

The Episodes

Each episode is presented in pristine widescreen format and looks sharp on DVD. Season 4 saw many of the office relationships take on new roles and challenges and once again a season collection like this is a great way to revisit the story arcs and go back to earlier episodes for hints of what is to come later. In particular, the character of Ryan (B.J. Novak) is a completely new role and by season's end is in a very, very different place than when the season starts. His "transformation" is fun to watch over the course of a season.

The packaging of episodes is pretty much what you'd expect. The episodes are shown in entirety, with Deleted Scenes for each episode easy to get to after playing the episode. Unfortunately, the Deleted Scenes are presented as one large clip, unlike the Deleted Scenes on The Office website where you can pick and choose which scene to watch. But it is hard to complain about the amount of deleted scenes, which run from over five minutes for the regular 21 minute episodes to over twelve minutes for some of the "hour long" episodes like "Fun Run" and "Dunder Mifflin Infinity."

One of the interesting and unusual episodes this season was "Did I Stutter?" In addition to taking the episode name from a line of dialogue, the episode was unusual in that it featured the character of Stanley (Leslie David Baker) in a major role. Thankfully, Baker's performance is one of the strongest from any actor in any episode in the entire set. "Did I Stutter?" also features a interesting and informative commentary from Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Leslie David Baker, Kate Flannery, Justin Spitzer, Brent Forrester, Gene Stupnitsky, and Randall Einhorn.

Fans of Jim and Pam are not left out in Season 4, as our favorite TV couple actually get to be a couple. This puts the characters in new situations, such as their overnight stay at Schrute Farm in "Money" and their cringe-worthy visit to Michael and Jan's condo in "Dinner Party." The engagement storyline is another season-long story arc, though as fans of the show know it did not quite conclude in the season finale, "Goodbye Toby."

Speaking of the season finale, "Goobye Toby" features one of the best performances in the entire series by Steve Carell. Carell masterfully communicates his joy at saying goodbye to his HR nemesis, and the excitement of meeting a new "love of his life" in the character of Holly (Amy Ryan).

The Bonus Materials

A complete list of bonus features is shown below. "Unique to the DVD" items include the hilarious 22-minute blooper reel that every fan of The Office should watch again and again. The complete Michael Scott Dunder Mifflin Ad is the kind of extra that makes sense for the DVD and is a welcome addition. Similarly, the Summer Vacation Promo features some unique content and is a good piece to play prior to watching the season opener, "Fun Run." Unfortunately, the Summer Vacation Promo is available on Disc 4, rather than on Disc 1 where it would have fit chronologically.

Last season, I complained about episode commentaries with too many participants. This year, the number of participants has not been reduced, but the overall effectiveness has improved as there is less "talking over" and everyone trying to get a word in edgewise (this is also attributed to a couple "quiet" writers on some of the commentaries). Only Rainn Wilson and Jenna Fischer participate of the "Big Four" but their presence is most welcome on three of the four commentaries, even if we do miss Steve Carell and John Krasinski. B.J. Novak, Leslie David Baker, and Paul Liberstein all provide insights to their characters and the process of creating the show. The commentaries are very entertaining, though some fans may wish for a more-mellow Melora Hardin in next-year's collection.

Available in some packages and probably the best overall extra is the table draft script of "Dinner Party." For those who are unfamiliar with script formats, this is a great way to see what the writers produce prior to filming an episode (in a year that featured the writers' strike, this is even more appropriate). It's lots of fun to read the script and watch the episode at the same time. For example, the video camera in the bedroom and the scene with Angela and Andy eating ice cream were not in the original script. The script also features of scene where Michael prank-calls Toby, sitting alone at home watching Las Vegas by himself.

Finally, The Office Convention Writers' Block is another good "behind the scenes" piece that provides real insight to the show (unlike the recent writer panel at Comic-Con). The camera work is a little shaky, but at least we get to see the writers answer their questions in a way that does make this piece a little more engaging compared to a pure audio version featured on podcasts like That's What She Said. (If you missed our coverage of the OTHER panels at last year's Office convention, follow the links tn the sidebar to your right -Matt).

The Packaging

The "office" theme is presented well in the packaging. The photos and post-it notes once again make references to events of the season. In addition, the inside fold of the DVD pakage features Dwight's org chart from "Did I Stutter?"

The DVD menus are animated and well-done. There are visuals and audio that are pertinent to the episodes on each disc, and they provide a wonderfully immersive experience.


Due to the writer's strike, the season was shortened to only 14 episodes spanning 19 half-hour segments. Unfortunately, the reduction in number of episodes did not translate into a lower retail price for the collection, compared to previous seasons. As with Season 3, the extras are reduced again this year. Worse, many of the extras are already available on the website. Still, it's nice to have all the content in one place.

If you're a hardcore fan of The Office, there's no question this is a must-own item. Casual fans will be well-served by this set as well, since the immersive experience can help you understand and appreciate the show's humor and sensibility. However, the middling bonus features and lesser overall value do present flaws to be aware of.

Bonus Materials

Bloopers, photos, and more at the official The Office DVD site.

Disc 1

  1. Deleted Scenes
  2. Rabies: The More You Know

Disc 2

  1. Deleted Scenes
  2. Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Ad
  3. "Money" Commentary - Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Melora Hardin, Brian Baumgartner, Paul Lieberstein, Michael Schur, and Jennifer Celotta.
  4. "Local Ad" Commentary - B.J. Novak, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Creed Bratton, Craig Robinson, Jason Reitman, and Anthony Ferrell.

Disc 3

Deleted Scenes
  1. "The Deposition" Commentary - Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Melora Hardin, Brian Baumgartner, Ed Helms, Lee Eisenberg, Lester Lewis, and Ryan Koh.

Disc 4
  1. Deleted Scenes
  2. Blooper Reel
  3. The Office Convention Writers' Block
  4. Summer Vacation Promo
  5. "Did I Stutter?" Commentary - Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Leslie David Baker, Kate Flannery, Justin Spitzer, Brent Forrester, Gene Stupnitsky, and Randall Einhorn.

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And so does the latest issue of WOMEN'S WEAR DAILY:

"Contrary to popular belief, Oscar recognition is not necessarily a ticket to stardom. And so, despite having scored a nomination at last year’s Academy Awards for her part in “Gone Baby Gone,” Amy Ryan insists she is still “pretty anonymous.”

That status may change, however, when the new season of “The Office” premieres on NBC on Sept. 25. In the finale in May, Ryan joined the show as Holly, a human resources executive who catches the eye of awkward boss Michael, played by Steve Carell. Fortunately for the actress, it was more than just a flirtatious tease: She is set to appear in a six-episode arc, in which her greatest challenge might just be maintaining her composure among her castmates.

“You are guaranteed at least three hysterical fits of laughter between takes,” Ryan says. “It makes it easier to keep a straight face while filming, although it’s still extremely hard. You’re drumming up every dead puppy story you can imagine.”'

For the rest of the article, click HERE.

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Emmy Update by Kevin Crossman

For the Comedy and Drama Emmy Awards, nominated series submit six episodes to be judged. The six episodes are divided into three pairs that are randomly distributed to voters who view two episodes from each nominated series. The Office is competing against 30 Rock, Two and a Half Men, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Entourage.

Here are the Season 4 episodes submitted for The Office:
"Local Ad"
"Dinner Party"
"Chair Model"
"Did I Stutter?"
"Goodbye, Toby (Parts 1 & 2)"

These episodes are the most emotionally charged of the entire season, especially for longtime viewers with an investment in the couples' relationships. "Chair Model" not only features the uncomfortable humor the show is famous for, but also features the start of the "engagement storyline" that went through to the season finale, "Goobye Toby."  Of course, "Dinner Party" is another emotional and chance-taking episode that may reasonate with literate Emmy voters who see references to films like "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf." "Did I Stuffer" features tension-filled moments on par with any episode of "Law and Order."

So, will Season 4 be judged by these moments that transcent mere "comedy" but cross over to real emotional connection to the show's characters? Or, will Emmy voters be turned off by the sight of Dwight's Second Life avatar? We'll find out on September 21st, when ABC broadcasts the Emmy Awards.

Learn more at The Envelope.

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Dunder Mifflin Infinity Version 2.0 FROM: Dunder Mifflin
TO: All Dunder Mifflin Infinity Employees

We have brand-new year of DMI starting Sept. 4th with new scores, new tasks, new desks and improved features!

New to DMI?
Left halfway through the year?
Didn't get into your desired branch?
Always wanted to be a Regional Manager?

Come back and start from scratch! All the SchruteBucks and stats from last year will be wiped and everyone starts over as of Sept. 4th, so it's a whole new game!

Afraid of losing your profile and hard-earned desk items? Don't be! Your profile will remain intact as will as the desk items you purchased up until now.

Branches will be open for business Thursday, Sept. 4th and will accept applications from ALL members, current and new. Everyone is guaranteed to get into the first branch they apply to. The new Regional Manager hiring period will also begin the same day.

DON'T FORGET: The SchruteBucks you've earned in DMI 1.0 will be revert to zero at 11:59 PM ET/8:59 PM PT, Thursday, August 28th. The DMI site will be shut down for maintenance Aug. 29-Sept. 4, but you still will be able access the DMI Forums. There are a few days remaining to spend your remaining bucks so don't miss out!

Click here for a final hurrah and to say goodbye to DMI 1.0.


The Dunder Mifflin Infinity Team

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Season Four DVD Special @ Best Buy
The season four DVD is getting ready to hit stores on September 2nd, and as usual, Best Buy is offering a special gift pack.  This season, the "swag" includes a "Fun Run" T-Shirt, wristband, and water bottle, which certainly seems like a good deal for the $33.74 asking price. Supply will surely be limited, however, so get your orders in as soon as possible.

Target and other big box stores usually offer their own specials, but so far I haven't seen or heard anything-- but check the Labor Day circulars this weekend for more information.

I certainly don't blame anyone for choosing to buy one of these sets instead of ordering through the Amazon link.  If you HAVE ordered through Amazon, feel free to cancel your order if you so wish.


EDIT: The Target set will apparently come with "60 minutes of bonus cast footage and a notepad." No idea what that footage will be. ($36.99)

EDIT 2: Circuit City will be offering a "Free The Office Stapler in Gelatin Mold Keychain with purchase." ($32.99)

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Comments[6] has posted a small interview with Melora Hardin today. Nothing much in the way of actual season information (you know the drill by now), but it's worth a quick read.

The article ALSO links to several promo photos that NBC has released for the season five premier.

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Good old Kristin over at E! did a set visit, and posted a few clips.  Neither Kevin or I were too amused with Rainn's "hold Jenna hostage until THE ROCKER does well" plot, and according to John Krasinski the whole thing has gone horribly, horribly wrong:

There's another video with Rainn, and a bit more information, if you follow the LINK.
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Michael explains his love for women's volleyball:

Dwight gets creative with some #2 pencils:

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According to TMZ, Craig Robinson entered a "tentative guilty" plea to possession of ecstasy (a felony)... this ignores the meth that was found in his possession as well as the cocaine and amphetamines found in his system at the time of his arrest.

The plea agreement requires Robinson to attend a "drug treatment" program for 18 months.  If he successfully completes the program, he will have the charge expunged from his record.

Now, I have nothing against Robinson (despite my dislike for Darryl, in general), and I am glad that he's getting the help he needs.  But I can't help but wonder about the ridiculous double standard that exists in the Hollywood justice system.  If you, or I, or an actual warehouse worker in Scranton, PA was found with ecstasy or meth, you can bet damn well that we wouldn't get off with 18 months of treatment.  I hope he realizes and appreciates the breaks he has been given.

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Listener Kevin Murphy tipped me off to this interview that Rainn Wilson did with The Onion AV Club to pimp "The Rocker." He ends up spending MUCH more time talking about The Office, though.

AV CLUB: Was it difficult to not be influenced by the actor who played the equivalent to your role?

Rainn Wilson: I get asked that question a lot, no offense, but the situation was—the guy playing Gareth is very distinct. He looks like a whippet, he's 97 pounds and has very intense eyes and demeanor, and I knew I'd never be able to copy him. We have totally different energies and are very different as actors. He's just absolutely brilliant for what he did. I knew for the American show, what we were going for was Seinfeld-like success. People who compare the English and American Offices—there's so much ignorance in that comparison, because the English Office made 13 episodes. We make that many episodes in three months. We've made 89 episodes at this point. Their show is more like a miniseries, and our show is like an American TV show, because the demands of the market are so different.

It's like comparing a book and a movie. Gone With The Wind the movie and Gone With The Wind the book, it's difficult to compare them, because they're different forms. So I knew that ours needed to sustain, but I also knew that the Dwight needed to play a similar role, and I knew that [Steve Carell's] Michael Scott needed an acolyte and a foil, and I knew that Jim [Halpert, John Krasinski's character] needed someone to butt heads against. I knew that the office needed someone who was a real stickler for rules, and at the same time was a nerd and had weird, oddly obsessive-compulsive ideas about the military and gaming and fantasy worlds, but also needed to be a real in to the hierarchies of office life. I also didn't want him to be—one thing I really appreciated about the character of Gareth was that he wasn't a loser. The guy had a lot of friends, he could go to bars, he could get girls. He wasn't like the office nerd that we've seen so many times before, so I knew that—this is a very long-winded answer—I knew there were certain needs that needed to be fulfilled. I wanted to find my own way of doing that. I wanted to find my own bad haircut, my own way of kissing the boss' ass, my own way of butting heads with Jim, and so I tried to forget Gareth as much as I could.

Check out the full article HERE.

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From the AP news wire:

LOS ANGELES — Prosecutors have filed felony drug charges against Craig Phillip Robinson, an actor best known for his role as Darryl Philbin on NBC's "The Office."

According to documents released Friday, police in Culver City arrested Robinson on June 29 on suspicion of possessing MDMA, also known as ecstasy, and methamphetamine. He was released the same day after posting bail, jail records show.

Los Angeles County prosecutors charged Robinson with two felony counts of drug possession and one count of being under the influence of illegal drugs.

Robinson's publicist declined comment Friday. The 36-year-old is scheduled to appear in court on August 21.

He is familiar to television audiences for his portrayal of Philbin, a warehouse foreman on "The Office." He also recently appeared in the comedy film "Pineapple Express."

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Amazon Update
I'd like to thank everyone who has pre-ordered the season four DVDs through the site.  If you haven't done so yet, please consider ordering through our associates link to your right... every little bit helps.

One thing I've discovered is that if you get to Amazon through the link on our site, we get a little piece of EVERYTHING you buy, not just the season four DVD set.  So even if you're not going to buy the DVD online, you can still make a big difference.

Thanks in advance,


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NBC has been using their non-stop Olympic coverage to pimp The Office (unfortunately for me, I kind of hate the Olympics, so I haven't seen them live). I guess there's supposed to be as many as five different promos, but I find it hard to believe that any of them can top Dwight's "Centathalon" suggestion:

EDIT: Here's the first one that aired... watch Jim invent his own new olympic sport!

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Episode # 47 -- Retro: Office Olympics Episode # 47 of THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID finds both Matt and Kevin regretting their gold and silver medals in the M&M eating event. Ladies and gentlemen- welcome to the Games of the first Dunder Mifflin Olympiad. Michael's in the market for a condo... or it that a coffin? Man, these babies are THIN. While Michael and Dwight are away, the office will play- flonkerton, that is. Jim unites the office by goofing off, assuages Michael's fears, AND becomes the world's first professional Pam-ponger. Is there ANYthing this guy can't do? Incidental music provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network. Email us at TWSSpodcast @, or leave a comment on our blog page at TWSSpodcast. com. Check out Kevin's blog and podcast at the- iTunes reviews are always appreciated! Help spread the word!
Direct download: TWSS47.mp3
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E!'s Kristin is digging up more dirt on the season premier with TWO more "spoilers" today.  One of them seems to deal with our favorite creepy fence-hopping HR rep, and the other talks about what role Mad Men's Rich Sommer will be playing on the show.

Click HERE for more information.

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I'm Super, Thanks For Asking
So what happens when you tell the world you're going to debut an Office spinoff show after the Superbowl, but you don't actually MAKE an Office spinoff show?

Well, if you're NBC, you change your mind and run a special hour-long episode of THE OFFICE instead.  Entertainment Weekly confirmed this yesterday, noting that this special episode will be prepped and ready for the post-Superbowl slot on February 1st.

All things considered, I won't complain.  In fact, this could make for an awesome episode where the gang from The Office attend a Superbowl party (perhaps at Jim & Pam's new place?).  Just think, more gags with Kevin's betting, more drunken shenanigans, more party awkwardness... it practically writes itself.

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E!'s "Watch With Kristin" has posted a few minor spoilers about the season five premier.

The summary?  They've been filming on location this past week at the University of Southern California, which is serving as a stand-in for Pam's NYC art school (The Pratt Institute).  Apparently, they shot scenes of Jenna Fischer sitting in two different classrooms, with two different professors. 

Based on past experiences, I'm guessing these might be part of a flashback montage, showing us what Pam was up to over the Summer (seems doubtful they'll start with her still actually being in the program, seeing as they've never done that before... but who can say?).

Kristin is also promising more information on what actor Rich Sommer is going to be doing during his brief appearance.  Check back on Monday if you're interested.

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An "Inglorious Bastard," anyway.

From Reuters:

"B.J. Novak could soon be going from pushing paper to fighting Nazis.

The co-star of NBC's "The Office" is in talks to play one of the soldiers in "Inglorious Bastards," Quentin Tarantino's long-gestating film about a band of Jewish resistance fighters in Vichy-era France.

Novak is expected to play Private Utivich, described as a soldier of slight build who comes from New York.

Novak is best known for his role as Ryan, the temp-turned-crooked manager on NBC's "The Office." He also has served as a writer and producer.

On the big screen, Novak has had small parts in the September 11 drama "Reign Over Me" and Judd Apatow's "Knocked Up."

Casting is being finalized on "Bastards," which is expected to shoot in the fall in Europe and wrap in time for a potential Cannes debut in May. Brad Pitt is in talks to play the leader of the band of fighters."

His biggest war-crime was the beard.

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EW's Michael Ausiello gave a bit more information on yesterday's announcement of Rich Sommer's guest appearance on THE OFFICE:

"Thanks to Monday's Aus Files scoop, you already know that Mad Men's Rich Sommer is guest starring in the Sept. 25 season premiere. Well, what you don't know is that if it weren't for the writers strike, it probably never would have happened! Sommer says the idea for his Office visit first came up when he met producer/star Mindy Kaling last winter on the picket line. "Mindy is a big fan of Mad Men and she knew that I was a big fan of The Office," he explains, "so we mused about finding some way to get me over there." Sommer insists he's been "sworn to secrecy" about the specifics of his guest stint, although he does admit that he's playing a "very different character" from Harry Crane, the 1960s ad exec he portrays on Mad Men. "When you see it," he adds, "you'll understand why I can't say anything." And when you pick up this week's issue of EW and turn to page 54, you'll understand why I had to."

He also had this to say about the season premier:

"Based on what I'm hearing about the premiere, it's either going to go down as the funniest Office episode ever or NBC's most blatant piece of cross-promotion yet. Or some combination of both."

I'm a little concerned about that last part... what does that mean? Is Michael Scott going to be making an appearance on "America's Got Talent" or something similar? Why am I suddenly feeling so nervous?

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Michael Ausiello, at, is reporting that actor Rich Sommer (no relation) from AMC's MAD MEN will be making a quest appearance on The Office.

Says Ausiello:

Details about Sommer's role are being closely guarded—an Office insider would only reveal that his character "ties in with a surprise twist"—but this much I can tell you: He'll turn up in the comedy's Sept. 25 season premiere.

What twist are we dealing with here? Jan's pregnancy? Something to do with Holly? The mind boggles.  Sommer does a decent job on MAD MEN, although his role so far has been pretty minor.

For those who don't know, MAD MEN was one of last year's hot new shows. From one of the writers of THE SOPRANOS, the series is about the life and loves of a group of advertising men (and their families) circa 1960. I missed all of the hype when it was actually airing, but AMC put all 13 episodes "on demand" last weekend, and I got a chance for a little marathon. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Not sure if I love it yet, but I'm definitely "in like," and it's now a part of my weekly TV queue.

(You can watch the first episode of season two of MAD MEN here)

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If anyone is interested, I have recently joined the wonderful world of Twitter (essentially a social forum for "micro-blogging").  Just FYI-- this is my own personal account, NOT a TWSS-related account.  That mean's you'll just have to read my regular ramblings instead of news or other The Office related stuff.

That said, if you're still interested, check me out HERE.

Category:general -- posted at: 5:18pm EDT

Category:Webisodes -- posted at: 8:46pm EDT

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