Sort of old news, I guess, but the cast of THE OFFICE was informed Thursday that their contracts would be suspended (under the terms of the SAG contract) for five weeks.  During these five weeks, they'll be receiving 50% of their normal salary.

During a work stoppage, the studio has a contractual right to either suspend with full pay, suspend with half pay, or release the actors from their contracts so they can seek other employment (with the understanding that they will all be rehired after the stoppage ends).  Obviously, the studios don't want to release the actors completely, and I'm sure most (if not all) of the actors don't want to leave. 

Hopefully all of this will help put pressure on the two sides to reach an agreement as soon as possible.

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As most of our favorite shows have shut down or WILL be shutting down very soon, things are beginning to look rather bleak.  Last week, rhetoric was flying on both sides of the picket lines: reports came out saying the negotiations were further apart than ever, the IATSE (the union for the "below the line" workers in the industry) started blaming the WGA for their putting people out of work, cats and dogs were living together... it was mass hysteria.

Breaking through those dark clouds is one bit of hope-- the WGA and the studios have agreed to come back to the negotiating table on November 26th.  Originally, the studios were refusing to resume talks unless the strike was called off, but they've since relented.  Two surveys conducted last week showed that more than 60% of those surveyed supported the WGA, while less than 10% supported the studios' position.  Do the studios care? Probably not, but as we like to say around here, every little bit helps.

Let's hope for the best.  See Variety for full article details.

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