People magazine just came out with it's annual "Sexy Men" issue, and our boy John Krasinski is on the list alongside such luminaries as Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Taye Diggs, Ashton Kutcher, and George Clooney (the 2006 winner).

Now tell me somethin' I *DON'T* know, People Magazine!

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Some Jenna Fischer news:

She and husband James Gunn will be on LoveLine tonight, November 15th... Check it out if you're interested (and if you read this in time!).

As Greg Daniels did last week, Jenna will be doing a live blog on following the East Coast/Central airing of "The Merger" on November 16th. (which should be around 9:20pm/8:20pm). Personally, I haven't been a huge fan of NBC's blogs, but hey, you never know when a tasty bit of information might leak out.  AND Jenna might respond to your question, so there's that.

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